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Is 2015 the year of success?

Of course it is.

We are starting the New Year stronger than ever before
More new members are joining looking for some great offers.

I personally like to welcome all new members and hope all of you are happy to join.

How any of you can take advantage of our site?

The answer is simple, by adding things to sell or buy browsing other seller’s items.
If you want to sell just look around your house and I am very sure that there's is things
That you no longer need but might be useful to some one else

If you're looking for something and can't find it, ask the seller of your choice and hopefully they have
What you need so they can put it up for sale in our website.

These are some ways to either make a sale or to find the things you've been looking for.

To your success

Vicente Lara
Administrator of

PS: Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

"How would you like to pay NO insertion fees for selling your products, and NO final value fees after a successful sale?"

No this is not a joke and is real just look at the following chart and find out your self!

Everybody here is welcome to register this doesn't' get the same amount of traffic like eBay does but with a little bit of effort this soon or later will!.

Insertion Fees$
From USD 0.01 To USD 1.00 0.00
From USD 1.00 To USD 5.00 0.00
From USD 5.00 To USD 25.00 0.00
From USD 25.00 To USD 100.00 0.00
From USD 100.00 To USD 500.00 0.00
From USD 500.00 To USD 5,000.00 0.50
From USD 5,000.00 To Above 0.00
End of Auction Fee - Paid by Seller
From USD 0.01 To USD 7.00 0.00
From USD 7.00 To USD 10.00 0.00
From USD 10.00 To USD 50.00 0.00
From USD 50.00 To USD 250.00 0.00
From USD 250.00 To USD 1,000.00 0.00
From USD 1,000.00 To USD 10,000.00 0.00
From USD 10,000.00 To USD 50,000.00 0.00
General custom Fees
First 12 images 0.00
Next 12 Images Upload Fee 1.00
Highlighted Item Fee 0.01
Bold Item Fee 0.01
Category Featured Fee 1.00
Home Page Featured Fee 1.00
Reserve Price Fee 0.00
Item Swap Fee 0.00
Media Upload Fee 1.50
Digital Download Fee 1.50
Store Account types and fees
Free Store list up to 100 items, 0.00
Basic Store list up to 500 items recurring payment every 30 days 5.00
Medium Store list up to 1000 items recurring payment every 30 days 7.50
Advanced Store list up to 5000 items, recurring payment every 30 days 15.00
Expert Store list up to 8000 items, recurring payment every 30 days, [ Featured Store ] 20.00
Platinum Store list up to 15000 items, recurring payment every 30 days, [ Featured Store] 25.00
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